What can you do with MyToll?

MyToll is an online customer portal that allows users to access the logistics services of the Toll Group via any desktop, tablet or mobile device.
The platform is currently under development with the first features focussed on shipment “track & trace” functionality. Future releases will include key features to support the entire logistics journey for senders and receivers.

The shipment journey

MyToll uses current and future milestones to make the journey of any shipment easy to understand.
Delivery Process

Register for a MyToll account

Frequent users may wish to register for an account which enables additional features and functions not available to the general public. To register please contact support@mytoll.com


Public Users

Registered Users

Track shipments by any reference number


View shipment journey status


View shipments on a map


“Watch” a shipment and receive email notifications


“Share” a shipment with someone else via email


View sender and receiver details



View, print, and download “proof of delivery” and other documents



View “watched” shipments on a dashboard



Personalise your notification preferences



Receive notifications via SMS



Receive notifications on the dashboard



Maintain your user profile