Explaining The Shipment Journey

  • MyToll uses key milestones to make the shipment journey easy to understand. Within each milestone phase, multiple shipment updates or events may occur depending on the number of activities recorded on each shipment.

    Shipment Created

    An electronic record of your shipment exists on MyToll.

    This is the first milestone in the shipment journey where key information relating to the shipment is entered into Toll’s systems.

    Shipment Picked Up

    We have collected the shipment from the sender

    Once the shipment is in our care, in most cases, we can provide an estimated delivery date which is visible on MyToll.

    Shipment In Transit

    The shipment is on its way to the receiver

    Depending on the service type and geography between sender and receiver, your shipment can move through one or more depots or consolidation centres. You may see multiple load, unload and in-transit events shown in the tracking details. Transit time between pick-up and delivery is dependent on geography, service type and mode.

    Out For Delivery

    Your shipment will be delivered today

    The delivery driver has loaded your shipment and is on the way to the receiver’s address. The estimated delivery time is dependent on the location of the receiver and the number of shipments to be delivered by the driver.


    Your shipment has been delivered to the receiver

    If a “proof of delivery” signature has been captured, it will be available on MyToll to be viewed by registered users.

    Exceptions along the way

    Don’t worry, we’ve got it in hand

    Occasionally the shipment journey does not follow the plan due to unforeseen events. In these cases, an exception is recorded on MyToll and we will keep you informed with updates regarding the status of the shipment.